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Service Enterprise

In August of 2015, the Commission on Service and Volunteerism was designated as the Service Enterprise Hub for the State of Arizona.  The initiative serves to strengthen the capacity of nonprofits to fundamentally leverage volunteers and their skills to address community needs.

What is Service Enterprise?

The Service Enterprise Initiative is a program that helps organizations better serve their missions through the power of volunteers. Organizations participate in a comprehensive assessment, training, coaching, and certification model. This initiative equips nonprofits to engage and manage volunteers more effectively to meet community needs. Research shows that nonprofits that operate as Service Enterprises can be as effective as their peers, but operate at almost half the median budget. Certified Service Enterprises are significantly more adaptable, sustainable and capable of going to scale. 

The Arizona Service Enterprise Training Program consists of: 

  • A research-based assessment of existing volunteer engagement practices
  • Training to assist in reimaging ways in which your organization engages volunteers
  • Individualized coaching to address unique organizational opportunities or challenges
  • National certification signifying the commitment to and proficiency in leveraging the time and skills of volunteers to meet the social mission
  • Connection to a state and national network of Service Enterprise certified organizations and ongoing professional development

What Does The Research Say?

Today, research from hundreds of Service Enterprises shows that on average, certified organizations benefit from:

  • A 23 percent increase in volunteers annually
  • 2,700 hours of donated time from new volunteers, equal to 1.5 FTEs worth of labor
  • $63,000 in valued labor from additional volunteer hours
  • More than 80 percent of Service Enterprises report an increase in volunteers, including skills-based volunteers
  • More than 62 percent report an increase in volunteer hours contributed to their organizations.
10 Characteristics of Service Enterprise

1. Planning and Development: Develop a Strategy and infrastructure for mission driven volunteer engagement. 

2. Leadership Support: Demonstrate executive commitment to volunteer engagement.

3. Resource Allocation: Allocate sufficent resources to volunteer engagment.

4. Tracking and Evaluation: Determine service values, track volunteer retention, assess the quality of volunteer experiences, and monitor the outputs and outcomes of volunteers in meeting the mission of the organization through a volunteer tracking system.

5. Outreach: Conduct outreach and volunteer recruitment to sustain ongoing volunteer engagement. 

6. Funding: Secure ongoing funding to support volunteer engagement. 

7. Effective Training: Train volunteers and the employees that manage them, to effectively fill their positions. 

8. On-boarding and Supervision: Match volunteers to appropriate positions, clarify roles, orienting and supporting them throughout their time with organization. 

9. Technology and Communications: Implement supportive technology, invite dialogue with volunteers, and articulate volunteer contributions with the community. 

10. Partnering to Extend Reach: Cultivate a participatory and mutually beneficial relationship with the community. 

Service Enterprise In Arizona

Hub Partners

Are you ready to become certified?

If you feel like your organization can benefit from expanding it's volunteering potential, fill out the online application or visit Points of Light. 

For more information, please contact: 

Kim Brooks 
[email protected] 
(602) 542-3482